Team Building Activities

Experience, Unite, Enjoy!

Hunter Valley Events specialise in activities that encourage participants to Experience the destination, Unite as a Team and most important of all Enjoy themselves!

The activities can happen out and about in the Hunter or on-site at your hotel. We can tailor the activities to be an enjoyable diversion to business sessions or designed to complement a conference theme or objective.

Team Building Activity Options

Harvest Games

  • Harvest Games provide a great energising break to a conference programme or a fun few hours for a team off-site. The activities are challenging and fun based wine games that complement the Hunter as a destination!
  • How it works:  Short and sharp 1-2 hours max (tailored to suit timeframe), onsite at your hotel or off-site at a winery or playing field, where teams work their way through activity stations, and points are awarded for their efforts. At the end of the activity, points are tallied from all of the games and the team with the highest overall points is the winner!
  • What’s in it: Wine themed games – grape stomping, wine spitting (‘the art of’ into spittoons), grape tossing and the grapeman relay.  Games MC and facilitators, themed music & PA, team bandanas, Harvest Games medallions for the wining team (engraved with company details).
  • Enhancements: Company themed games or activities, higher end activities such as laser clay pigeon shooting, segway olympics, laser tag, rock climbing wall or bubble soccer can be added.  Wine tasting can be added at the conclusion if the activity is at a winery. Team costumes/t-shirts or hats are a great visual add-on.
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Hands On Blending

  • You can sip it, you can swirl it, you can spit it… but can you make it? The question the Winemaker’s palate is asking: “Which blend will have what it takes?” Spend a fun filled afternoon (or lunch/dinner) in the Hunter, competing in a hands on Wine Challenge with a Hunter Valley Winemaker.
  • How it works: An up close and personal experience with the Winemaker in their winery (or on-site at your venue), with teams working through fun task orientated exercises of wine games, wine appreciation, wine blending and wine promotion. Experiment in the art of blending and get creative with label design. The aim… to blend a bottle of wine that is both drinkable and saleable.
  • What’s included?: Warm up Harvest Games outside including; grape stomping, wine spitting (‘the art of’ – into spittoons) and grape tossing.  Then it’s inside beyond the barrels at team tables to Blend a Wine; Design a wine label; and Create a Pitch (fun promo for your wine). MC, Winemaker and facilitators to operate and judge the challenges, themed music & PA and Winemakers medallions for the wining team (engraved with company details), team bandanas and cheese plates during the blending.
  • Enhancements: Company themed games in the activity, gift wine bottle for guests with the wining label re-produced on bottles, winery tour & tasting.
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Hands On with a Chef

  • Whose restaurant will rule at the end of the day? The one with the most original presentation, quality meal, creative menu, efficient timing and cool tempered chefs under pressure! Anything can, and usually does happen! This activity is designed with the groups’ size and goal in mind. This is a personal Hands On experience with a local Hunter Valley Chef.
  • How it works: In a lightly competitive team environment, teams are involved in a range of fun task orientated challenges associated with the preparation of a meal – or a simpler style items like canapes or high tea. The activity is best enjoyed at a local restaurant or winery function venue – over lunch or dinner.  The extent of competitiveness, style of meal and timeframe can be designed to suite.
  • What’s included?: normally a 3 course menu, with guests preparing 2 of the courses and the chef preparing dessert, chef cooking demonstrations & guidance, MC and facilitators to assist with tasks, ‘kitchen kapers’ prep games, all cooking equipment set-up, aprons, hats and team banadanas. 
  • Enhancements: Character MC – think Matt Preston style, ‘live to screen’ video feeds for larger groups, hunt style activity (around the Hunter) to seek ingredients prior to cooking.
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Hands On Hunt

  • A dynamic and competitive hunt that involves teams working together, following cryptic clues around the valley or on-site at a hotel. A number of seek, find and Hands On tasks are involved along the way. The feel can be high energy, cryptic or crazy or quite simply a fun way of getting around the area by foot, bike, car or coach.
  • How it works: Teams are sent off in different directions in their team coach (with driver) or on foot, navigating their way through cryptic clues to find checkpoints and participate in the challenge activities. The challenges can include a variety of Wine activities; eg grape stomping, wine sensory games, problem solving; eg trivia, treasure hunts, physical activities; eg. aqua golf, segways, laser clay pigeon, or for a more technical approach using GPS.  A theme is designed especially for your group.
  • What’s in it: Hunt kit containing; cryptic clues and challenge tasks, all activities, itinerary planning & arrangements, MC and facilitators to run the activity, engraved medallions for the wining team. Transportation throughout.
  • Enhancements: Refreshments and/or lunch along the way, end group activity such as a drumming ceremony, character actors planted around the course.
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Capture the Hunter

  • Your team’s mission is to Capture the Hunter in a certain light…in a certain way…on a certain day…with a Polaroid camera and a photo shoot list to guide your mission! The beautiful Hunter Valley is your canvas – the camera and your creative imagination are your tools of trade!
  • How it works: Teams are guided by one of the Valley’s leading photographers on how the retro effects of an old style Polaroid camera can bring the modern subjects to life. Teams have a certain time frame to explore their scenic surrounds, face set challenge activities, take the photos from their shot list and capture their unique Hunter Valley story.
  • What’s in it: Photo shoot kit containing polaroid camera, shot list, challenge tasks and basic props.  A local photographer to provide guidance and direction, facilitators to run the activities and engraved trophies for the wining team. Transportation throughout.
  • Enhancements: Substitute still photography for an action packed short film making activity using your company’s values as a themed backdrop complete with costumes & theme sets, character actors/MC.
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Hunter Valley World Cup

  • Teams battle it out in games of skill and adventure on-site at your hotel or a local field/park with the ultimate goal of winning the Hunter World Cup!
  • How it works: An opening ceremony is held to announce the format of the Hunter World Cup. Teams compete against each other in a number of highly competitive and fun filled events. The event challenges are high end activities such as – Rock to the Top – rock climbing activity; Slay the Clay – clay pigeon shooting; The Stomp – grape stomping; Spit & Toss –  wine spitting (the art of) and grape tossing; Adrenaline Rush – inflatable obstacle course; The Dash – Segway Olympics;Boot It – bubble soccer; A selection of the games and activities that can be included.
  • What’s in it: all game station set-up and facilitation – any number and combination can be designed to suit your group.  MC to assist with the motivation and instructions, pumping music throughout, water stations, team bandanas and cup trophies for the winning team.
  • Enhancements: clash of colours final all in activity, fun team uniforms, photography or video of the activity.
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